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Toronto's Kingston Road - End to EndToronto's Kingston Road - End to End

Creative Writing Prompts: A Purple Dragonfly ...

Posted 8/21/2018

by Genevieve Clovis
Giselle could hardly sit still all through breakfast even though pancakes were her favourite food. She scoffed them down as quick as she could barely tasting them at all. As soon as she finished she jumped up, did her dishes, and urged her parents to hurry.
Her mother laughed her beautiful tinkling laugh. “There’s no rush my love,” she tried to assure Giselle but Giselle wouldn’t listen. She was too excited.
Today was her twelfth birthday and for a fairy it was one of the most important days. Giselle had talked of nothing else all week and now that the day was finally here, she felt she would die if she had to wait even one moment longer.
“Come on, come on, come on!” Giselle pleaded pushing her parents down the old dirt road that lead to the great river. Red and yellow flowers lined the road providing
a welcome shade from the warm summer sun. Finally, at the edge of the river, the hatchery came into view.
Giselle let out a yelp of excitement and raced ahead. She pranced outside the door waiting for her parents to arrive, then they all went in together. It was warm and dark and loud with the fluttery buzz of hundreds of wings and the shouted instructions of the trainers.
Giselle approached the desk to the right with a rather stern looking woman sitting behind it. When the woman looked up Giselle said, “My name is Giselle Starflower.
Today is my twelfth birthday. I’m going to pick a purple dragonfly as my companion and we’re going to fly all the way across the great river and maybe even around the whole world.”
The woman looked over her glasses at Giselle and exhaled a short huff of air through her nose. Slowly she pushed her glasses back into place and looked down at the appointment book in front of her. “Giselle Starflower,” she muttered as her finger ran down the page finally stopping near the bottom. “You won’t be flying anywhere today
Honey,” the woman said her lip twitching in what might have been a poorly contained smile. “You’re appointment to choose a companion isn’t until this afternoon, and your first flying lesson won’t be until
Giselle’s shoulders slumped slightly as she took the news in, but just as quickly
they straightened up again and her smile returned. “That’s only a very small hiccup. It won’t stop me from following my dreams.”
Giselle started to turn back to her parents but a commotion from further in the hatchery stopped her. The fluttery buzz became even more chaotic and was joined by frantic
shouts and the pounding of feet. Four trainers in green and brown uniforms were sprinting down the hallway chasing after a loose dragonfly. The creature zipped its way down the corridor easily outpacing the trainers and deftly avoiding any attempts to catch him.
A huge grin split Giselle’s face as the young purple dragonfly came to an abrupt halt and landed right in front of her. She reached out a hand for the dragonfly to smell and it pushed its head into her palm for scratches. Giselle laughed, and bit her lip to stop herself from sticking her tongue out at the grumpy old receptionist.